Welcome to Dogsbody The Pet Carer

Hi, my name is Noodle and I am one of Claire's "pack"! This used to be my mums job (Tess) but she died this year and we all greatly miss her but I have now been given the job of introducing you to DogBody, The Pet Carer and what we do!  I hope you enjoy looking at us while we tell you a little about what she does...

Dogsbody has been looking after all sorts of four legged and two legged clients for eleven years  in and around Exmouth in East Devon - on behalf of their owners of course. 

If - your owners need you to be walked, driven to the vet, looked after for a few hours or the whole day get them to call Claire. 

If - you are a little puppy, an adolescent or a naughty grown up dog you can join our Dog Training Club. School can be fun. At Obedience and Agility Classes we even celebrate birthdays and Christmas! If you are an exhibitionist you will be able to show off your skills in the Dogsbody Display Team... sit, stay, wait, jump through hoops and run through tunnels. And - if you are reeeeally competitive - Claire will train you to compete at local and national levels.

If - you want more information, or, to book your place... in her diary... a class... or to go dogwalking in Exmouth or the surrounding areas... call her on 07877 232065 or email her at claire@dogsbodythepetcarer.co.uk

Tell her Noodle sent you xxx

Don't forget to come back and sniff us soon. Woof, woof!