My name is Claire. I am pack leader at Dogsbody Training Club and I care for the animals that are looked after at Dogsbody The Pet Carer.

I have been training dogs for 12 years now and still love it as much as the day I started. I have an HND in Animal Care and Behaviour, an HND in Canine Behaviour and I am currently studying a degree in Dog Training and Behaviour.

I have 4 dogs, who are a huge part of my life and my business.

My little black and white Springer, Noodle, competes in agility, she has just started her second agility season winning out of beginners agility and has moved up to a harder class.

My border collie, Matt, is a rescue dog and has been through many problems. This will be his first season competing in agility, so far he has competed twice and has been placed each time so I have great expectations for him.

Gwai, a Kelpie which is an Australian Sheepdog, competes in agility and so far is doing very well at getting eliminated because he gets so excited having a great time.... but it will come in time.

Kip is my newest recruit to the Dogsbody camp. He is now 1 year old and  is a border collie from a working sheep farm and my plans for him are Agility. He is coming on wonderfully and he is truly a pleasure to train. He loves walks and playing ball games and I am really enjoying him.

My beautiful Tess (liver and white springer) died in January 2012 and she will be missed so much! She was a true delight and will never be replaced. Love you Gremlin! Xxxx

I believe that dog training should be fun for both dog and owner! When you join our club both dog and owner should walk away from a session happy and confident. 

I hold obedience and agility classes as well as one to one lessons for extra help or for any type of behaviour problems. 


My name is Sean and I am Claire's brother. I have been training my own dogs for 20 years and for the last two years I have been training at Dogsbody Training Club.

When I was 19 I said to my father I want a dog (he has always had Springers), much to his amasement I wanted a Jack Russell Terrier, and he said Jack Russels are untrainable. I proved him wrong and I am now own my fourth Jack Russel. I have also bred a litter. The first gun dog I had was a Clumber Spaniel, called Elsa. yet again I was told 'they are stubborn and hard to train', but at 2 years old she featured in the Display Team and was a fully trained gun dog.

The newest addition is Brodie (pictured above), a black and white Springer Spaniel and 'full' of fun now succesfully working on shoots and competing in scurries and filed trials.  

I  run the Gun Dog Training Classes in the summer.

The Gun Dog Classes are there to give all breeds a chance to use their natural hunting instincts (scenting and retrieving). There must be basic obedience present in the dogs who attend and I aim to make the classes fun and enjoyable for dog and owner.

For more information call Claire on 07877 232065 or Email