A little bit of sad news
In January 2012 I sadly lost my soul mate Tess! Bless, she was only 9 but had liver failure. I got Tess when she was 7 weeks and she never spent a minute away from me. She was as well known as DogsBody and was always a great success at all of the events we visited or organised. She was one in a million and I know she will be missed by many people.      


Kip is now a year old and is doing very well! He has started doing some agility training but more importantly he is now starting to get a lot more obedience training because he is going to have to step in to some very big boots, in replacing Tess! Good luck kipper xxxx                                                                                         


Success Stories  

 Cedric- old English Sheepdog
The Dogsbody service benefits me because although I love walking Cedric myself I work as a registered nurse on nights. It is so wonderful to have a whole day to myself and catch up on sleep. Also I know I can call on Dogsbody for the occasional emergency walk. He has been walked by Dogsbody for nearly 5 years, and yes, the cost is reasonable. When he was 18 months old and a frolicking boisterous pup, he was not quite sure of what to do and was inclined to bolt at anything unusual to him. I felt right at the beginning that I could trust Claire to be kind but also have the ability to handle him with the firmness and common sense he needed when he was off the lead. I would definitely recommend her to other people.

 Jake - Collie
After having acquired a 12 month old collie through Collie Rescue we found him to be very insecure and unable to be left on his own. I took him to training classes in the village hall, but it was quite crowded and he wasn’t happy there. A friend suggested I took him to Claire who at that time trained in Bicton indoor school. He liked the space there and the ‘free play’ before classes started. To start with he tended to hide behind me but soon went out to follow the other dogs around. He took to Claire from the start. The next problem was when we wanted to go on holiday. We visited several kennels but weren’t happy with them as none would exercise a dog off lead, and collies do need their exercise. Also we were worried about him being shut in a kennel. I mentioned all this to Claire, and she said she would have him and keep him with her all the time. So, he went to Claire and he went to work with her, enjoyed her fantastic walks with her dogs and slept indoors with her ‘dog pack’ who accepted him with no problems. I don’t see a lot of Claire these days, but when we do meet Jake greets her like his best friend and her ‘pack’ still accept him including the new members who he doesn’t really know. My family like to have Jake when we go away now, but I know that if needed Claire would still be there for Jake.

Jasper - Boxer
I am very pleased with the service I have received from Dogsbody. Jasper has an hour's walk everyday and always seems to enjoy himself which is great for me as I can continue to work knowing that he is not shut in the house all day.I would definitely recommend Dogsbody.

 Dolly - Saint Bernard
Claire has been walking Dolly for me since she was 5 months old - she is now 7. During that time they have built a wonderful relationship. Claire has a wonderful rapport with all dogs and I would recommend her to anyone who needs her to walk or care for her dog.
Mrs Hubbard

 Monty and Sam - Sprocker Spaniels
Should I have had two pups from the same litter and this breed - probably not - but I did. They have turned my life upside down! With Claire and Sean's help they (we) are doing amazingly well. They both started Obedience classes at 6 months and Monty is now in the top class with dogs far older and more experienced than he is and Sam - as long as he has his ball - is attacking Agility with stamina that far out paces my fitness. I can't thank Claire enough for her help walking, boarding and individual training (all 3 of us) at home. No more jumping on sofas, bolting for the front door and making a bid for upstairs. We were part of the display team in 2007 and are looking forward to even more, including Gun Dog Training, in 2008.
Sue Pile